Environment, Population & Health Education

  • Complexly interrelated dimension to human life.
  • Animate and inanimate components impact the population and its health.
  • These three phenomena run side by side and exist in good shape only if they
    are in harmony otherwise, the whole eco-system gets jeopardized.
  • Deeply interrelated and depend upon one another.

    Physical aspect
  • Encompasses the physical or natural phenomenon
  • Include the river, land, road, bridges, factories, etc.

    Biological Aspects
  • The biological components are available in a certain place like plants, animals, crops cultivated, etc.
  • The difference of biological components according to the physical/
    The geographical condition of places is known as the biological aspect.
  • Examples: the Himalayan region is cold whereas terai is far hotter,
    the difference in available plants and animals, the fertility of the soil, etc.

    Socio-cultural aspects
  • The rites and rituals, codes of conducts, festivals ceremonies, and traditional
  • Abstract things that are related to the human race and civilization.
  • Examples: birth rituals, death rituals, age reaching ceremony, jatras, etc.

    Economic aspects
  • Incorporates humans activities they do for earning their livelihood and
  • It includes industries, other enterprises, agricultural activities, etc.

    science and technological aspects
  • The invention, discoveries, innovation, technological aspects.

    Political aspects
  • Includes political system, condition, programs, policies, decisions, etc.
  • Examples: provisions made for social security, programs made for the
    protection of children, Dalit, women, policies for the protection of rights of people, etc.

    Psychological aspects
  • mode of human thinking and the way their behaving
  • a person who gets love and care has a positive attitude toward society and the person getting an improper upbringing like harsh treatment, torture, etc. develops negative attitudes toward societies.

    1.2 Interrelationship Among The Various Aspects Of Environment
    Population And Health
  • A change or effect on one of these has an influence on the rest.
  • If the environment gets degraded, population and health get hampered. Likewise, change in population has an impact on the environment and health. Similarly,
    the effect on human health, the effect on environment and population.
  • Complementary and supplementary to teach others.
     relation of physical aspect to other aspects
  • The physical structures created by humans themselves and some naturally
    created things such as industries, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Overcrowd on physical structures have an impact on the environment
    population and health.
     Relation of biological aspect to others aspect
  • Humans depend on biological components like cereals, pulses, green
    vegetables, meat, fish, etc.
  • Availability of the biological components differs from place to place
    according to soil types, climatic conditions.
  • The biological products can be produced in plentitude where are a dense human
    population plus economic prosperity and vice versa.
  • A dense population has an impact on the environment and plenty of production usually provides a balanced and quality diet.
     Relation of socio-cultural aspect to other aspects
  • A human develops their own traditions, rites, and rituals, way of living,
    religious practices, etc which is known as socio-cultural aspects.
  • Examples: Hinduism and Kirat religion worshipping nature and its
    components such as rivers, plant, rock, etc. such socio-culture has

1.1 Various Aspects Of Environment, Population And Health

conservational effect and have a positive impact on humans. Similarly, few
traditional practices use of alcohol,tobacco in religious cultural ceremonies
can have negative impact on human population and health.
 Relation of economic aspects to other aspects

  • The manageable population will be facilitated with enough jobs, better income,
    quality of life. Just opposite overgrows population will create unemployment
    low income and low quality of life.
  • The economically prosperous place has a focus on conservation but
    an economically backward place cannot concentrate on environmental
     Relation of science and technological aspect to other aspects
  • Science and technology has made human life comfortable through machines
    and equipment, health services, vehicles, and so on.
  • The advancement of science and technology has increased the environment
    pollution hampering human health and population too.
     Relation of political aspects to other aspects
  • Environmental conservation, population management, and maintenance of
    good health depends on the political aspect of the nation.
     Relation of psychological aspects to other aspects
  • The positive perspective of human towards the environment can conserve the
  • The negative perspective of human towards the environment can destruct

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